Seedless explores the differing perspectives of two contemporary professional women on important life issues such as career, parenting and love, with emphasis on their reactions to the betrayal of a particular man important to them.

Set in San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley in particular, the film will unfold as a suspense thriller that strums on the tension that results when love is in conflict with ambition. We follow the three characters individually in their private and professional lives experiencing the insecurities of a betrayed relationship, the loneliness of unfulfilled longings, the innovative hustle of tech entrepreneurship, the predatory schemes of the financially powerful and the dire dangers of the sex-trafficking underworld.

I have always believed that film is more than a medium for entertainment; it is also an opportunity to inform and raise awareness about some problematic social issues. Throughout the filmmaking process, I intend to educate myself about this growing human rights problem of sex-trafficking, and use the film to bring this social malaise to the audience's attention.


I also intend to apply this film to foster discussions about gender and racial diversity in Silicon Valley. The film explores from both ends the challenges that come with being underrepresented in the tech industry, which is the fastest generator of wealth in the US, but is strife with unconscious systematic racial and gender bias that stifles innovation from the underrepresented groups.

I expect the audience to be challenged by this film. For one, their definition of infidelity may be called to question.


Where is infidelity? Is it in the act, or in the choice?

All in all, I aspire to craft an impactful film, inspired by the mysterious, thought provoking, and beautiful nature of a woman.


Director's Notes

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